Blitz Weight Loss Program Testimonials

    I joined the Blitz program run by Inspire Nutrition in September 2019. I’ve tried many diets and exercise programs over the years, but always drop off over time and gain the weight back and more. This program teaches how to eat nutritiously with your own food and change your lifestyle that modifies some bad food habits. The accountability to the class along with the excellent trainers at Wrightstown Health and Fitness have changed my life. My heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar levels are much more normal and I feel fantastic. Healthier for the first time in many years.
    – Greg M.


    Inspire Nutrition has changed my life! When I started the BLITZ program after recovering from knee surgery, I hoped for the best, but the results surpassed my wildest dreams. Inspire Nutrition taught me about the science behind burning fat and coached me through the program from the beginning to end. I gained the skills needed to lose 75 pounds and maintain the weight loss. I’m healthier, stronger and more confident than I’ve ever been thanks to the BLITZ program!
    – Dawn P.


    After many failed diets, I have learned so much about nutrition and how far I can push myself in the gym. I am eating “clean” for the first time ever and feel stronger, clear headed and better than I have in decades!
    -Sonia P.


    This gym is the best thing I have ever signed up for. As a person who has always struggled with their weight I never thought my numbers would go down and not up. My energy level has increased, my mental health improved and most importantly my lifestyle is forever changed. I highly recommend the Blitz program this place and the people who work there are the best.
    -Kaleigh G.