Personal Training Testimonials

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Fern G.

Mike is a great coach for me, knowledgeable, professional and highly skilled in helping me achieve my goals. All of the coaches (especially Christian) are very friendly and readily offer professional help/suggestions when needed. The exceptionally clean gym has state of the art equipment and the philosophy of rotating exercises is brilliant. Never bored! The choice of music is also highly motivating! Stacey at reception is very helpful & kind! She helped me choose the package that was just right for me!

Susan K.

Always wonderful friendly! You get a great workout, and all the trainers know what work out is best for each individual.

Elaine G.

I recommend everybody go to this gym for the total feeling of being listened to and having a program design that works best for your needs.

Aileen L.

Everyone is so kind and cheerful and gives the clients 100% attention, no matter how many times they ask, how do I do this again? Best gym ever!

Melannie S.

My training was with Christian, he listened to my concerns and goals and instantly got me to work. I felt challenged but he always checked in to make sure that it wasn’t too much. He was extremely knowledgeable and the perfect blend of push and care. I feel that I am in the best hands to help me as I recover my pre-surgery strength.

Jennifer M.

Teamwork is good. Knowledge of exercises is very good. Customizing for individuals is very good. Very warm and friendly atmosphere. Not intimidating. Friendly staff. Dave did a great job working with me.

Linda C:

Wrightstown Health and Fitness is not a gym in the traditional sense, but rather a wellness/life support system.  Whereas statistically, the usual gym membership lasts less than 3 months, most of the people I know at WHF have been here for 10 years.  The atmosphere/energy of WHF is warm, knowledgeable, and inviting.  You get personal training from the coaches at a level that meets you in your situation at a price that is great.  There are people of all ages and needs in our “family” at WHF.  The workouts are totally tailored to the individual and change constantly allowing NO boredom, the enemy of regular gyms for me.  Left to my own devices at a gym, I would do everything wrong and probably injure myself.  At WHF, my trainer always has his eye on me and makes sure my form is correct.  Though not at all a gym person, I keep going back because of the results I get with both body and soul.  WHF is simply the best thing I ever did for myself. It is my fabulous oasis in life.

Tricia K:

The personal trainers at Wrightstown Health and Fitness are top notch and have helped me in many different ways. Before going there, I did not know how to properly stretch and lift weights without hurting myself and getting discouraged. They have helped me to stay motivated and keep up the good work. The results I have gotten are the best I have ever gotten in my entire life. I also have benefited from the massage therapy and nutritional counseling as well. It is a GREAT group of people.

Harry M.

Three years ago I started going to WHF. I was 70 years & had to go upstairs on all fours. Walked hunched over, head hanging down. In less than 8 months I walked up & down 49 steps at Cape Cod carrying to the beach. Put in the work and see the results.



Elaine R:

This is the place to be.  I have been training there since they opened and with one of the trainers for years before that.  It’s not like a gym but a family.  Everyone is helpful and has your best interests at heart.  We also form great friendships there along with keeping in shape according to your needs.  The massages and acupuncture is great also.  I like that there is no competition as there are people of all ages and shapes.

John M.

I like the constant attention one receives at WHF, along with the explanations of why we are doing the exercises we are. Very personalized also, makes you feel like a part of something.

Greg M.

People are there to workout, not necessarily socialize. Trainers really care and get to know you. People are focused and the blitz program is fantastic to help change lifestyle and eating habits

Madeline J:

I love that the trainers work together to help you and that they care about you inside and out. Not only do I love the workouts at WHF but I love the people. I am stronger and more healthy because of the trainers, and I look forward to my training sessions every time. The trainers know what I can do well, what my weaknesses are and not only do I love the workouts at WHF but I love the people. I am stronger and more healthy because of the personal trainers, and I look forward to my training sessions every time. The personal trainers know what I can do well, what my weaknesses are and what my chronic issues are. They take the time to find out if anything is bothering me and they want to know if something is easy or difficult so they can work with me on improving my biomechanics. I am not just working out but I am also learning about the body, how it works, and how I can make it a better machine. Even when I think I cannot do something, the trainers encourage me and prove me wrong. The money is not a concern because it is inexpensive and way worth the price. Plus they have massage too that is the best. I am absolutely more healthy and strong since exercising at WHF, and I have met a great group of friends and friendly faces that I look forward to seeing each week. I cannot say enough about everyone at WHF and I highly recommend them….always. Love them!!!

Betsy S:

Favorite place to workout ever. Trainers here actually care about your progress – definitely worth a try, you won’t be disappointed! Amazing facility for anyone that wants to improve their health, mobility, and overall well being. I cannot say enough about the entire staff – personal trainers, registered dietitian and nutritionists, chiropractors and massage therapists – an amazing group of individuals that are passionate about the health and well being of all of their clients. Definitely worth checking them out – you will be glad you did. The energy and enthusiasm is contagious the moment you set foot inside. Take control of your health today and go visit them.

Bonnie K:

I love the functional training approach. At any age, it’s important to exercise properly to avoid injuries. I came to WHF due to several short and long term injuries. My workouts and form have improved, and my injuries have improved. I can’t say enough about the trainers and staff. No fluff, just good stuff! Thank you Christian and the rest of WHF. I highly recommend this gym.

Julie M:

A little over 2.5 yrs ago, I was looking to get back into an exercise routine. I had spent the previous year, slowing rehabbing my knee after ACL/Meniscus reconstruction. Exercise was always a priority in my life and I was desperately looking to get my health back on track. I decided to take part in The Blitz program to jump start my weight loss, after being “out of commission” for a while. The program empowered me to get my health back on track and start working on my overall physical fitness. My first year at WHF was life-changing! As my fitness level improved, my activity level increased to where I could run & play tennis at a competitive level again! I continued to incorporate training sessions into my fitness routine. The guys at WHF were always in tune to what exercises would keep me moving forward. I had reached my personal goal of coming back, after knee surgery, and was able to play tennis. I was back to playing a couple of times a week…when I was stopped in my tracks & sidelined, again, with a torn labrum in my hip! I had consulted with my Orthopaedic Surgeon & he advised against surgery (music to my ears, b/c I didn’t want to take another year to rehab my hip). However, he advised that I take 8 months off from playing any tennis or running and go back to Physical Therapy. I had to let that sink in. I decided to seek the advice of the trainers at WHF who had helped me strengthen my knee. I’m so glad that I did. Christian Zetterberg did not even miss a beat! He asked me to trust him & we hit the ground running (figuratively speaking!). He did his homework & over the course of 8 months, helped me stretch & strengthen my hip! It started out slow, but now I am feeling great again (pain free) and have started back to running & playing tennis!!! ~Each trainer at WHF helped & encouraged me through my hip recovery…but I am truly thankful for the persistence, knowledge & enthusiasm (& watchful eye) of Christian. My hip is feeling so much stronger~ Thank You!

Melissa G:

Been working 3-4 times per week for the past 1.5 yrs. I have been challenged, which for me can be challenging for them because I speak what I think at times. I have lost close to 50 lbs, a lot of the weight coming off with working out at this gym. I have never gotten hurt and they make sure that if a muscle group may cause issues, they provide work-arounds. I’ve been to a couple of gyms in the area, but this one has really made me sweat and see results. Thanks guys! You’re the best!

Heather S:

This place is the best place in Newtown. I can’t say enough about the trainers- love them all! Friendly, motivational environment. All staff from the nutritionists, chiropractors and massage therapists are fabulous.

Nick R:

First class approach. Intense, serious but fun and a truly scientific approach.

Johanna M:

Had a great workout…staff was fantastic, looking forward to my next session.

Kimberly S:

Great people, great workout!

Nicole P:

I discovered Wrightstown Health and Fitness after physical therapy at another facility proved inadequate for healing my shoulder injury (rotator cuff tendinosis).

I was immediately impressed by the personal trainers’ solid knowledge of exercise physiology, attentiveness, and professionalism, all combined with a fun and light-hearted approach. At any given time, each trainer seems to be working with 4-5 clients around the gym; yet the training is fully individualized to each person’s particular needs and goals. It’s like they have eyes in the back of their head: they may appear to be fully engaged with another client, but will call across the room to remind you to breathe or correct your form.

Working in partnership with a personal trainer to resolve a long-standing injury gives me a great sense of accomplishment. Not to be underestimated are the gentle yet effective chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Pat and the excellent deep tissue/sports massage, which really solidified the benefits I’d realized thus far.

Joyce M:

Amazing trainers insure a fabulous workout, strengthening and working on my weaknesses, insuring I do not overdo or injure myself by keeping a watchful eye on me, but pushing me to exceed my goals. Friendly, outgoing employees are always willing to assist anyway they can. Chiropractic, massage, nutritional and acupuncture all under one roof, who could ask for anything more? Each massage therapist uses their own unique technique that is focused on your needs. The acupuncturist is extremely knowledgeable and produces fantastic results. You really need to try everything they have to offer; you will not be disappointed.

Lise H:

My biggest fear before joining WHF was -it’s a gym, probably full of a bunch of very intimidatingly fit people, the 3 personal trainers are guys. They’re fit , geez even the chiropractor is fit. I’ll be embarrassed, I’m overweight and out of shape. After driving by everyday for about a month thinking “just go check it out”, I did. It wasn’t huge, it’s not a ” gym”, it’s a health and fitness center offering many services, like massage, nutrition and chiropractic – all under one roof- and yes, the guys are all fit but they seemed really nice. I decided to join. Well, I was so impressed the very first workout! They were so nice, friendly and the guys, well they made me feel right at home, like I had always been there, part of the family! They challenge you but carefully do it to prevent injury. If something hurts, they stop, assess you, continue with whatever treatment is needed to prevent injury or to relieve the pain. So far I have used the training, the nutrition sessions and the chiropractic services and plan to use massage and acupuncture. You can choose to work out with any of the personal trainers or rotate between all three, but what impresses me is that they all know who you are and how you are doing, even if you haven’t trained with each one!! They are always happy to see you, they cheer you on, they hug you and genuinely care! I used to hate exercising but I now look forward to it! All of the staff is friendly and helpful. If you are looking for a great place to get healthy,in the Newtown New Hope area, that’s fun, with caring staff, then I highly recommend being part of the WHF family!!!

Bridget K:

WHF is an amazing health and fitness center. The trainers are outstanding and extremely knowledgeable. They truly care about the health and well-being of their clients. I am able to get in a quality work out, have fun, and feel comfortable …More WHF is an amazing health and fitness center. The personal trainers are outstanding and extremely knowledgeable. They truly care about the health and well-being of their clients. I am able to get in a quality work out, have fun, and feel comfortable doing it. The atmosphere its self is refreshing. This is not your typical gym!

I love the functional training approach. At any age, it’s important to exercise properly to avoid injuries. I came to WHF due to several short and long term injuries. My workouts and form have improved, and my injuries have improved. I can’t say enough about the personal trainers and staff. No fluff, just good stuff! Thank you Christian and the rest of WHF. If you live in the Newtown area I would definitely recommend this gym.

Maddie W:

Wrightstown Health and Fitness is an amazing health center in the local community. All of the staff are of the highest quality and competent in their knowledge of exercise and always willing to help you. The workouts are great and the …More Wrightstown Health and Fitness is an amazing health center in the Newtown, New Hope area.. All of the staff are of the highest quality and competent in their knowledge of exercise and always willing to help you. The exercise routines are great and the trainers really care about their clients providing you with a great workout overall. The atmosphere is laid back and the gym offers everything you need to get a quality workout in. I highly recommend Wrightstown Health and Fitness.

Lori G:

I have been exercising with Christian a long time. I had some bad experiences with trainers from gyms in the Newtown area in the past, and I was a little leery in the beginning. He was wonderful! He took the time to assess my current health and started me off slowly. I always feel like I get my money’s worth. By the way it is very affordable. A few months later, I was able to run a 5k. The whole staff greets me by name when I come in, and they notice if I haven’t been in. He makes me laugh while I am sweating it out and makes it fun. I have never done the same workout twice. Without at doubt these personal trainers are the best.

Elaine G:

Wrightstown Health and Fitness is the “health facility” for everyone. My personal journey was an initial “embarrassment” to go to a gym because I am not athletic, however, I wanted to drop some pounds and get healthier all around. I found when I got there that I was not alone in my goals or initial concerns. Personal training has allowed me to feel comfortable with what I consider my “annoying constant questions” because they answer everyone of them. They have identified weak areas in my body that I was not aware I had just by evaluating my every day movements. Once identified, we worked on these areas and I felt so much better afterwards! They instruct clients to work out TO THE CLIENT’S CAPABILITIES! They will listen to your feedback and modify accordingly as opposed to making you feel inept as has happened to me at other gyms.

I have also had chiropractic adjustments, nutritional advice as well as a massage at this facility. Everything is under one roof and affordable. You can pre-pay for packages of services at greatly reduced rates so financially there is something for everyone’s budget.

I work in a dental office in Newtown and I am constantly recommending WHF to patients and colleagues that are looking to help themselves. If you are considering taking better care of yourself, give this group a try. You have nothing to lose. WHF is so confident you will enjoy being there, they will allow you to work out with them for one week for free to see if it is the right fit for you. You will be glad you came.

Carol G:

At Wrightstown Health and Fitness, there are never any cookie-cutter workouts, and my personal trainer knows what I need. If I’m having a bad day and in pain, he can assess my problem areas and recommend stretches to relieve my imbalances. On good days I work on strength and conditioning alongside people I see regularly, and we have fun encouraging each other. Unlike other large gyms, Wrightstown is not impersonal or daunting. I achieve at my own level. Everyone has their individual expectations and no single routine works for all.

From the calm, secluded relaxation of the massage room to the warmth of the well trained staff, this holistic wellness center truly focuses on customizing their services to their clients’ needs.

Lindsay D:

The personal training at Wrightstown Health and Fitness, just outside of Newtown, PA, has changed my life. Both the staff and clients are so positive and friendly that you really feel you’re a part of something, and I’ve made some wonderful friends here. This is definitely different than any gym I’ve ever been to because of all the additional services they offer (chiropractic, massage, nutrition and acupuncture). I love that the caring trainers keep track of your progress and check in on you, both in and out of the gym. This helps you take accountability for your health. Since starting here in June 2015, I’ve done things I never ever thought I would, such as box jumps, dead lifts, running, push-ups and rope climbing. I’ve even lost 32 pounds, and I feel like a new woman.

This place is also different because if I’m having an off day, the trainers will modify my workouts, and on stressful days I love coming here to get away from it all. The trainers will also check on you if you are sick or haven’t come in a while. Christian is my go-to trainer. He is very motivating with very infectious positive energy. All the trainers are knowledgeable in different ways and each offers something different. They closely communicate, so that each one knows your strengths and weaknesses. I love this place and will always come here.

Janet M:

WHF is truly the BEST holistic health center there is! I have been struggling with chronic pain and loss of function/mobility due to a tragic riding accident in 2014. Following spinal surgery I spent months and months doing physical therapy only to find minimal relief of back pain and minimal return to mobility. That is when I decided to check out WHF to see what they were about. I was very intrigued when I learned that they have a holistic approach to health care. Not only do they offer personal training but they also have two very experienced acupuncturists on site, as well as yoga, massage and nutritional counseling by registered dietitians. I met initially with Christian and explained to him my limitations. He saw them as opportunities for improvement. I have worked with personal trainers in the past and I thought that he wouldn’t be very interested in working with someone with several limitations but I was pleasantly surprised that he was happy to try to help me.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to Christian for taking the time to work with me to help me maximize my capabilities. I walked into WHF several months ago with significant limitations on my physical abilities, and slowly but surely I have made tremendous strides that I could not have imagined were possible. The best part is that the trainers and all of the staff truly care about their clients. They make you feel welcome and I know that they have my best interests in mind. The atmosphere is very unique and one that definitely appeals to me. I love the positive attitude and caring of the staff and the sense that they share the same goals as I do, which is to help me to maximize my mobility, strength and wellbeing. I have not found this attitude or philosophy in any other physical therapy facility or fitness center. I will be a lifelong client for sure. Thank you.

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