Nutrition Testimonials

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Brad M:
I joined their Blitz program which is run by Cheryl, their nutritionist. It’s designed to help you eat right and get healthy from within while you work out with the trainers. She really cares about what she does and will help in any way to help achieve your goals. So far I’ve lost more weight in 5 weeks than I’ve lost in the last 5 years and I feel more energetic and people have noticed me start to change physically. It’s a great motivation.

Gennine U:
Also on hand is Kristen Zetterberg, a nutritionist, who specializes in providing each client with the tools necessary to target their specific nutritional needs. I work closely with Kristen throughout my pregnancy to meet my nutritional goals.

Karen H:
I began taking classes with Kristen Zetterberg in the fall of 2010. My daughter had taken a class with Kristen earlier and recommended it for me. I wanted to lose weight to improve my health and to feel better about myself. I have tried other weight loss programs and have experienced some success but found I was not able to sustain the results over the long term because the programs were either too restrictive or required costly supplements. The thing I loved about Kristen’s program is that it is not a fad diet which expects you to starve yourself. It is based upon sound nutritional research, promoting portion control, reading nutritional labels, preplanning and exercise.
Another aspect I liked about Kristen’s program is that it is easy to follow. Once you become familiar with the basics of the program it is easy to adapt to any lifestyle. Kristen stresses the importance of planning at the beginning of the week. This makes it much easier to stay on the program and remain “within the box”. This preplanning also applies to eating out. She armed us with a pocket-sized calorie book which includes the menus of many popular eateries so we can check ahead of time and make good educated choices.
Kristen promotes a healthy approach to including physical activity as part of her program. She asks you to start slowly and gradually increase your level and intensity of physical activity. Kristen helps us to arrive at the realization that long term weight loss maintenance cannot be sustained without being physically active.
Perhaps my favorite part of Kristen’s program is the one on one contact she includes. Each week we have a private weigh-in. She takes the time to talk with you about your progress, congratulate you on your weight loss and encourage you to set goals to continue your journey, discuss options to face challenges and suggestions to help deal with stress. She does all of this in a firm yet compassionate nonjudgmental way. Another handy tool Kristen has incorporated into the program is a mid-week check in. These one on one contacts provide accountability on the part of the client and is another important component in promoting weight loss success.
In closing, I would highly recommend Kristen Zetterberg’s Program to any individual who is ready to make the commitment to lose weight. She creates a realistic and positive atmosphere to help support her clients in their weight loss journeys. She takes the time to get to know her clients as individuals and uses this knowledge along with her expertise to tweak her program to best help her clients achieve their weight loss goals.

Peggy K:
This is just a little note to thank you, again, for helping me meet my recent nutrition goal. As you may remember, my goal was to be wearing a size 8 by my wedding day. Mission accomplished! Not an easy task for any busy person, but for a women my age, it was daunting and not my first attempt. With your expertise and kind support, however, I was very pleased with my health, strength and appearance on my wedding day.
As I try to discern why your approach worked so well for me, when others did not, I realize that it was several things. First of all, you asked us to reject the concept of a deprivation-based diet and instead urged us to embrace a new attitude toward food, health and decision making. No short term goals for our little group, but new ways of looking at our personal health goals, how to reach them and, most important, maintain them. You gave us the tools, very specifically, and then you encouraged, prodded, and praised us to stay on course. It was a highly successful approach and this Grandmom-bride thanks you.
Libby W:
When I first came to you, I had a long list of questions about various foods. I knew that our food choices can greatly influence our present & future health. I explained that even though I felt that my husband and I were eating nutritiously, there was much to discover.After just a few sessions of instruction & discussions, I felt that you had provided me with a mini nutrition course!! I showed your diet plan to my doctor. My doctor remarked that it is so perfect; she recommends that I always follow this diet.I would like to thank you for your most valuable guidance in enabling me to make the best possible dietary choices. Your patience and care are so greatly appreciated. It is comforting to keep in mind that you will continue to be a most valuable resource to me going forward.
Thank you so much, Kristen.

Lindsay D:
I see Registered Dietician Kristen Zetterberg of Inspire Nutrition, which is located at Wrightstown Health and Fitness, just outside of Newtown, PA. I love her motivating personality and her positive energy. I was initially reluctant when my personal trainer, Christian, recommended I see his wife. However, Kristen has really helped me fine-tune my diet, which ultimately lowered my blood sugars. This was a huge relief for me because diabetes runs in my family. Six months after I started to see Kristen, I got bloodwork and my blood sugars had dropped well below normal levels. Kristen’s suggestions are simple and easy to follow, and she gives you great recipes. She also gets back to you quickly if you have any questions. I would never see anyone else.  I love that I can see both Christian and his wife because they are a great team and both very motivating.