Meditative Breathwork with Dori

    Meditative Breathwork at WHF


    Certified Breathwork Coach Dori is now offering classes at Wrightstown Health and Fitness. Anyone who is looking for relaxation, improved health, and transformation can benefit from breathwork. Breathwork is a practice that can be beneficial for individuals who are dealing with stress, anxiety,
    depression, chronic pain, insomnia, or other physical or mental health conditions.
    Breathwork can help individuals to reduce stress and anxiety, improve their sleep quality, increase their energy levels, and enhance their overall sense of well-being. It can also help individuals to connect with their inner self, access their intuition, and deepen their spiritual practice.
    Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, breathwork can provide you with numerous benefits. So, if you are looking for a natural and holistic approach to improve your health and well-being, breathwork may be a great option for you.

    What Is Breathwork?

    Breathwork is a mind-body practice of conscious connected breathing which facilitates healing, transformation and enhances health, well-being, inner peace, and vitality.
    The breath is that thread of life that anchors us to the unchanging principles of truth, love, and freedom. The breath is a bridge between the conscious and the subconscious, between the body, mind, and spirit. It can enable you to experience your essential nature and reveal profound truths.
    Breathwork consciously uses the breath to open up energy pathways and to enable oxygen to flood every cell. The breath clears blockages and stuck energy from the body, freeing up the life force and creating more vitality. It can also bring into awareness whatever is happening in your subconscious mind.
    Old patterns, habits, negative beliefs, memories, traumas, and stresses may enter into your conscious mind, so you can understand and process them, release the suppressed emotions and thoughts surrounding them, and can then gently let them go. These patterns will integrate into your whole being and will no longer negatively impact your life. This process often brings about forgiveness, greater self-love, and acceptance.
    After breathwork, you should experience greater clarity, positivity, creativity, calm, and freedom. You may feel less reactive and more in harmony with the world. You may also feel more purposeful, connected, energized, and happy.
    Please join us for breathwork in the yoga studio. Breathwork is offered in a group or individualized setting. This profound healing technique can benefit you.

    Benefits of Breathwork:

    • relieve stress and find deep relaxation
    • process or heal emotional pain or trauma
    • discover greater self-love to create more loving relationships
    • experience feelings of joy or deep inner peace
    • relieve physical pain
    • feel more connected
    • increase self-confidence
    • deepen your breath capacity
    • strengthen your diaphragm and lungs
    • balance your mood
    • attract abundance
    • tap into your higher states of consciousness
    • break down walls and awaken your authentic self
    • detox on a molecular level
    • phenomenal revelations
    You can learn more about Dori and Breathwork by visiting her main website at

    WHF Breathwork Schedule

    Saturday: 10:30 AM –  11:30 AM



    (Breathwork class sessions are priced the same as Yoga class sessions and can be inter changed)

    Drop In Single Session Class –  $18
    5 Pack of Class Sessions – $80
    10 Pack of Class Sessions – $130
    Membership – $110 a month


    *Mandatory Scheduling for this class*
    To schedule your breathwork class session in the yoga studio please call us at (215) 598-7750, message us through our contact page, through the Mindbody app., or the MindBody calendar widget below.
    If you wish to schedule a one-on-one breathwork session please give us a call at 215-598-7750, we offer 30 and 60 minute sessions

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