Four Healthy Lung Month Tips To Help You Breathe Better

More than 17,000 breaths are taken daily by the average person. Wrightstown Health & Fitness (WHF) has four tips to try during Healthy Lung Month in October to help you make the most of them.    1. Are you breathing correctly? Given how many breaths we take daily, you’d think instructions aren’t needed. But, thereRead more

Nutritional Considerations for Hypertension (HTN), aka, High Blood Pressure:

If you are diagnosed with high blood pressure you may not be sure what to do from a nutritional perspective. The most important thing that can directly impact your blood pressure is sodium intake. For the average person, the RDA, or Recommended Dietary Allowance is 2300mg per day. For a person dealing with HTN, theRead more

March is National Nutrition Month!

What is it? National Nutrition Month started in 1973, and was only a week long. It was officially launched in 1980. Today, it is an annual educational campaign held by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This movement concentrates on making healthy eating and physical fitness viable choices. “Go Further with Food” is the themeRead more