Tired of Cycles of Pain? Read Our National Chiropractic Health Month Year-Round Solution

Wrightstown Health & Fitness (WHF) in-house chiropractor Dr. Patrick Donohue of Wrightstown Chiropractic & Rehabilitation has one word of advice if you want to see less of him: exercise. Sedentary lifestyles can cause weight gain, achy joints, and other musculoskeletal conditions, as the American Chiropractic Association recently noted. That’s why “Keep Moving!” is their themeRead more

Four Healthy Lung Month Tips To Help You Breathe Better

More than 17,000 breaths are taken daily by the average person. Wrightstown Health & Fitness (WHF) has four tips to try during Healthy Lung Month in October to help you make the most of them.    1. Are you breathing correctly? Given how many breaths we take daily, you’d think instructions aren’t needed. But, thereRead more

National Physical Therapy Month: Are Your Habits Paving a Path to Pain?

Last year is behind us. But, many carried behaviors right into 2021 that are leading them to the doors of physical therapists. As part of National Physical Therapy Month in October, Theresa Bowers of Bowers Physical Therapy in Newtown hopes to change that pattern. Bowers, a physical therapist for 36 years, is seeing the sameRead more

March is National Nutrition Month!

What is it? National Nutrition Month started in 1973, and was only a week long. It was officially launched in 1980. Today, it is an annual educational campaign held by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. This movement concentrates on making healthy eating and physical fitness viable choices. “Go Further with Food” is the themeRead more

Sports Injuries and Chiropractic

Montana to Rice to … the Chiropractor Joe Montana, legendary former NFL quarterback, called it “a big part of my game … it works for me.” Nowadays, he is a spokesman of this type of care for the state of California. Montana’s former teammate, Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice, said, “it works betterRead more

Purpose-Driven Workouts

What’s Your Purpose? Everyone has heard the old cliché that the first step towards living a healthier lifestyle is standing up off the couch and going to the gym to make a change. So what’s the second step? At WHF we believe the next step is finding the purpose of your workouts. Once clients haveRead more

Periodizing Your Workouts

Have you ever gotten bored of your workout routine? Are your exercises becoming stale and monotonous? Do you want to become more enthusiastic about fitness and sharpen your focus toward reaching your goals? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then allow WHF to introduce you to the concept of periodization. Some ofRead more

Nutrient Timing

Nutrient Timing and You Everyone knows that fitness and balanced nutrition go hand-in-hand. But how do they relate? What difference does it make how many calories you consume and when you consume them? The answer lies in nutrient timing, a structured plan of nutritional consumption that serves to provide numerous health advantages. Athletes and competitorsRead more

Myofascial Release

Untying the Knots There is a good chance that at some point you have either thought to yourself or heard someone else say their body feels “all tied up in knots.” That phrase is an accurate analogy for the pain many people experience from sensitive spots in their muscles. They make us feel like ourRead more

What’s Your Fitness IQ?

There are more components to building a life of fitness than you might realize. Obviously, in order to do so, you must be physically able to exercise regularly and take care of yourself. You must have the willpower to avoid certain food cravings or periods of laziness that take you further from your fitness goals.Read more