Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

Is Your Soreness Normal? Have you ever woken up in the morning after a rigorous workout and been surprised to find that you are not struggling with muscle soreness? If so, you may have thought you were out of the woods—until the pain developed slowly during the day and carried into severe soreness later. IfRead more

Global Wellness Map

The Map to Your Success The keys to living a healthy and fit life seem pretty cut-and-dried: eat the right foods, exercise regularly, and the results will show themselves. But there is so much more to wellness than just those basics. Each person has what WHF calls a global wellness map. We think of itRead more

GAS Principle – The Better Type of Stress

The Better Type of Stress It seems like everyone goes through their daily lives, looking for ways to eliminate as much stress as possible. People often use exercise and trips to the gym to relieve that stress. But did you know that not all stress has negative effects and that exercising can actually create positiveRead more

Foundational Movement Assessment

Every gym faces a similar scenario nearly every day: a newcomer enters and says they are interested in starting to work out at that gym. The trainers and clients don’t know each other at all, nor do they know each other’s goals for the working relationship. So to solve this problem, almost all fitness facilitiesRead more

Fitness Therapy

At WHF we truly believe prevention is better than cure. Whenever possible, we prefer to fix minor problems before they blow up into major ones. There are always plenty of stories about people who feel great one day, and the next day injure themselves or become sick seemingly overnight. But the idea that people areRead more

Your Quest Towards Fitness Longevity

When you train at Wrightstown Health and Fitness, you embark on a journey towards a lifetime of health and fitness. Your membership may expire after one year, but your commitment to fitness longevity needs to continue beyond that. Fitness longevity refers to one’s efforts to reach his or her goals not just in the immediateRead more