Your Quest Towards Fitness Longevity


    Your Quest Towards Fitness Longevity

    When you train at Wrightstown Health and Fitness, you embark on a journey towards a lifetime of health and fitness. Your membership may expire after one year, but your commitment to fitness longevity needs to continue beyond that. Fitness longevity refers to one’s efforts to reach his or her goals not just in the immediate short-term, but over the course of decades and a lifetime.

    The process of achieving fitness longevity is different for every individual. It depends on the client’s current fitness level, movement patterns, strengths, and weaknesses. Each individual requires a unique plan with several stages in order to find fitness longevity. At WHF, we conduct foundational movement assessments with clients at the beginning of their time with us. This evaluation lets us know where our clients start their journey, and how we can help them make that journey a successful one for as long as physically possible.

    The foundational assessment allows our trainers to make long-term fitness plans for clients for results they will see beyond the immediate future. It accomplishes this by examining the way people conduct routine movements, such as sitting up, standing up and reaching for something above their heads. Our experts then use their observations from these basic movements to project how the person will perform in certain exercises. The result is a fitness longevity plan that takes into account future improvement and adjustments in addition to current health levels.

    One of our current clients is a perfect example of how WHF makes fitness longevity a priority. When she began training at her old gym in Newtown, her personal trainer worked her excruciatingly hard for the first three months. She got into better shape but began to develop pain in her abdomen, an area that she was overworking. As she continued to work out, the pain worsened and spread to other parts of her body. When she mentioned this to her trainer, he encouraged her to push through the pain and to continue doing the same exercise routine that had taken her to that point. “His philosophy was ‘no pain, no gain’,” she says now. She eventually made the switch to WHF, where our trainers noticed her weaknesses and areas in which she might have chronic pain later in life. We changed her routine – working her to exhaustion was worsening her pain and would have led to a lingering, reoccurring injury that could harm her for years. Instead, WHF showed her how to reach the peak of her fitness in one area and then jump to her peak in a different area. Our assessment reversed the course of her fitness path.

    Once clients reach their peak, there is nowhere to go but down. That’s why WHF believes each client has an unlimited number of peaks. When a client reaches his or her strength peak, our trainers then use varied workouts to get the client to reach his or her peak in other areas, such as endurance. Through periodized workouts and an emphasis on keeping clients fit for life, WHF gets clients to new heights without overworking them. The result is a healthy life, free from chronic, nagging injuries. When you work with us, you’ll learn the tools necessary to amaze yourself by what you accomplish over your lifetime.

    At WHF we use our cutting-edge knowledge and expertise to help you go above and beyond your fitness goals.

    Written by: Anthony Iati and Christian Zetterberg

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