Fitness Therapy


    Fitness Therapy

    At WHF we truly believe prevention is better than cure. Whenever possible, we prefer to fix minor problems before they blow up into major ones. There are always plenty of stories about people who feel great one day, and the next day injure themselves or become sick seemingly overnight. But the idea that people are 100 percent healthy one day and totally broken the next day is inaccurate. Whether the victim realizes it or not, there is always gradual regression leading up to the onset of a health issue.

    That is why at WHF we don’t believe anyone should have to be “repaired”. We believe future problems can be detected early on by our experts, who can then prevent the problems from growing. Based on this, we bring you our concept of fitness therapy. First, focus on fitness: we believe that fitness is not only a noun, but also a verb, a state of perpetual change along a continuum that ranges from peak performance to disease. From the moment we are born to the moment we die, we are traveling along this continuum. Next, focus on therapy: the word “therapy” may scare you, because it is associated with recovering from a devastating injury or breakdown. But at WHF it takes on a whole different meaning. Fitness therapy is the innovative idea that one shouldn’t wait for physiological trauma to occur before they begin to try to “fix” their bodies, as seems to be the current practice. Science gives us clues to future problems, even when a person’s body does not outwardly give off obvious warning signs. Therefore, fitness therapy involves identifying your weaknesses through careful study and evaluations. No other facility in the greater Newtown/New Hope area accomplishes this as well as we do at WHF.

    These are just a few of the warning signs our professionals look for in fitness therapy:

    ·         Weight concentration in a certain area ·         Fragile or shaky movements
    ·         Overly tight muscles ·         Overly weak muscles

    If and when our trainers spot any of these red flags during your foundational movement assessment or your workouts, we will teach you exercises that correct them as efficiently as possible. If you neglect these seemingly minor problems, you might end up like the thousands of people every day who have to face the dreaded prospect of physical therapy. Instead, turn to WHF and fitness therapy so that you can keep yourself healthy, motivated, and progressing along the fitness continuum.

    At WHF, we use our cutting-edge knowledge and expertise to help you go above and beyond your fitness goals.

    Written by: Anthony Iati and Christian Zetterberg

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