Global Wellness Map


    Global Wellness Map

    The Map to Your Success

    The keys to living a healthy and fit life seem pretty cut-and-dried: eat the right foods, exercise regularly, and the results will show themselves. But there is so much more to wellness than just those basics. Each person has what WHF calls a global wellness map. We think of it as a type of blueprint, both internal and external, that everyone has. The blueprint contains each client’s physical, mental and emotional wellness aspects. Our trainers’ assessments of your performance in the gym study in detail your strong points and weak points. Navigating your global wellness map lays the foundation for our working relationship with you.

    The concept of the global wellness map brings metrics and measurements into the world of wellness. Once our trainers have glimpsed your internal and external wellness maps and looked at all the factors that go into your health results, they are able to design specific programs for you. Every client has personalized hurdles that he or she must jump over in order to reach their fitness peaks. What could your hurdle be? Maybe its food cravings that prevent you from losing weight. Perhaps you’ve struggled with poor technique and your exercises aren’t as effective as they could be. It’s possible that family genetics are getting in your way. Whatever challenges lie on your global wellness map, WHF wants you to bring them to us. We are confident that our observations and programs designed solely for you will give you the boost you need to clear the hurdles you face.

    In 2012, a current client switched gyms and joined WHF. She had been training at another Newtown fitness facility for a few years before coming here in an effort to reduce her body fat and improve her appearance and exercise performance. When she came to WHF, one of our trainers met with her and talked about why she may have failed to find the results she was striving for at her previous gym. Our trainer was able to find one of the roots of her problem – a severe lack of sleep. Due to constant fatigue, her workouts were not providing optimal progress for her. When she would work out, her mind would be wandering and her body would get lazy due to her tiredness. As a result, her form and mechanics suffered, so her efforts yielded minimal gains.

    WHF was able to point that client in the right direction by studying her wellness map and encouraging her to change her sleeping patterns. That’s what our trainers do every day – they find the root of the hurdles on each client’s blueprint and find ways to conquer whatever is blocking the client from achieving his or her goals. As a result, we have excellent trainer-client relationships and have wiped clients’ obstacles right off their global wellness maps.

    At WHF, we use our cutting-edge knowledge and expertise to help you go above and beyond your fitness goals.

    Written by: Anthony Iati and Christian Zetterberg

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